Wherein Kelvin pretends to be Mr. Hyde

Other Stuff About Me

…but still not exactly a resume.

What does Kelvin do for work?

I have two titles - the one for which I was hired, and the one I eventually wound up doing more than that one.

Hired in 2007 as Lead Technical Support Engineer, which sounds like the job is about helping a customer install and configure the software they bought from our company. Or help them get it working again after they upgraded Windows. Nope, that is not this job at all. We host the software that they use via a browser. Our team does all the configuring there is to do, so it’s not a typical Technical Support job at all.

So it’s more Implementation and Release Management. And the more we find ways to make all of those things more repeatable, automated, efficient, reliable… now you’re describing DevOps. So they’ve given me permission to call myself…

DevOps Support Engineer

Where else has Kelvin done IT-ish work?

Oracle Retail



Internet Broadcasting Systems

The Publishing Group (Mgr. Technical Resources)

What other sort of work has Kelvin done?

Route Driver - Jefferson Lines

OTR Driver - Werner Enterprises

Camera, Plating, and Proofing - Printing Solutions

Bindery Worker - Printing Solutions

Local Delivery Driver - Printing Solutions (which became The Publishing Group)

Career Summary

If this was a communist state, and all these jobs paid the same, I would compete pretty hard to be driving motorcoaches instead of swearing at computer screens all day. It was the most rewarding job of all those I’ve had, but also paid the least, which is why I didn’t do it long. However, I’m pretty lucky, because the job I have now, between the occasional swearing, is probably my 2nd-favorite, and it affords me plenty of fishing gear.