Wherein Kelvin pretends to be Mr. Hyde

Frequently (un-)Asked Questions

…or at least, some guesses, since as of this writing, nobody has asked me a single question. I’m making this up as I go, frankly.

1. Why, then, didn’t you title this FUQ if they are unasked questions?

Because the pronunciation has an inappropriate homonym.

2. What is the LMoP Radio Player (and/or KDOgg Radio Player)?

The plan is that on occasion I will DM (or co-DM) sessions of Lost Mine of Phandelver on When doing so, I will use Syrinscape for the game music and SFX. But Roll20 does not allow high bitrate (nor stereo) on the Voice upload stream, nor does Discord. So having a simple HTML5 pop-up player for a Shoutcast2 “radio” station server from should allow the players to experience the spookiness and tension without near-zero additional hassle. It is usually offline.

Same story for KDOgg radio, except it’s who-knows-why Internet Radio, not game-specific.

3. Are you going to set this up to be served as

Quite likely. (Edit: and now I have.)

4. What do you mean by a “not very obvious” pun?

Well, at first, this site was only served as, so anyone who knew anything about GitHub Pages would know that this is one of those. And, likely, they’d get the Jekyll reference, ergo perhaps the Hyde pun. However, once I’d added the CNAME record to my DNS, and changed the title, it became less obvious.

5. Why move it?

Since 90% of my day-job involves checking things into GitHub, and I can also edit GitHub content on my iPad (unlike my previous AWS M3 repo content, AFAIK), and of course anytime I’m at any of my computers, it stands to reason that I could keep things updated more frequently. The whole not-a-pain-in-the-butt thing.

(Note: and then it remained un-edited for 2 years… until I added this note.)

6. What ELSE should we know about you?

Other (Work) Stuff About Me

7. Hobbies?

Amateur radio, callsign N0MQL, General Class:

Goofing around with VR stuff using Oculus Rift. I like Sansar quite a bit so far.

Video games such as Witcher 3, Sniper Elite 4, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

D&D 5e on Roll20 - starting very recently, with LMoP.

Freshwater Fishing, including: