Wherein Kelvin pretends to be Mr. Hyde


I tend to have my Yaesu FTM-300D on when I’m driving. When it’s on, its APRS Beacon is active. Hence, if you search for my callsign on, you will see where I am.



Though I do sometimes get on SSB phone on HF, and sometimes CW during contests, it’s safe to say most of my ham radio activity is FT8 and similar digital modes.


When I first got back into ham radio, I got an OCFD that could get down to 40m. Not long thereafter, I found I wanted to get down to 80m, so I added a MyAntennas EFHW for that.

Then I learned about the amazing Tune-A-Tenna. I’ve taken all the other HF antennas down, and now have just one HF antenna up - an Inverted Vee that is fed from a box with a motor in it with two spools of stainless steel wire. A set of switches here in the station allow me to spool out or reel in the dipole elements, and thereby set it to a perfectly resonant length for whatever frequency the rig is at.