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Radio Stations

Remember the old days when your car radio had 5 or 6 station buttons, that you’d pull OUT to reset to some other spot on the dial. But in everyday use, as you’re drivin’ and listening to the radio, as soon as the commercials started, you’d push a different button. As soon as they played some stupid country crossover, you’d push a different button. The ability to quickly change AWAY from whichever radio station was doing some annoying thing other than playing good music, boom, gone.

This is that, but for Internet Radio Streaming.

I was on Spotify for years, but then they idiotically paid a bajillion dollars to the utter meathead Rogan.

So I switched to TIDAL, and was happy there for a couple years. But lately, they can’t keep it up. They apparently out-grew themselves, & can’t afford to keep up with demand.

Station List:

  1. Puerto Rico Salsa
  2. Soul Source Radio
  3. Funkology Radio
  4. The Jazz Funk Soul Movement
  5. Smooth Jazz Florida
  6. Fort Dodge Radio
  7. 70s Hangover
  8. 60s 70s 80s Easy Gold
  9. Totally Classic Hits
  10. That 70s Channel
  11. Classic Deep Cuts
  12. Soothing and Sleeping Sounds